Integromat Integration

Convert HTML/CSS to an image (jpg, png or webp) with Integromat. Renders images exactly like Google Chrome.

‚ÄčIntegromat allows you to automate repetitive tasks without writing any code.

Use the HTML/CSS integration to automate the creation of images.

Create workflows with Integromat

Add the integration

Our Integromat integration is currently in beta. Add it by visiting this link.

Get your User ID and API Key

When setting up the integration, you'll need your credentials. Grab them from the Dashboard and copy/paste them into Integromat when creating your scenario.

Creating images

Define your HTML/CSS and use variables from previous steps to automate the creation of images.

Auto generate images

Download your image

To automate downloading your image, use the HTTP "Get File" integration.

Download your image

Need help?

Contact us with any problems. We'd love to help you with getting started. [email protected].