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Blocking cookie banners

Learn how to block cookie banners with taking screenshots

How it works

The easiest way to hide cookie banners in your screenshots is by injecting CSS into your image to hide them.

Any CSS passed via the css param when generating a URL image will get injected into the page.

The hard part can be figuring out what CSS to use to block the cookie banner. To do this, we recommend visiting the site in Chrome. Use the developer tools inspector to find the ID or CSS class of the cookie banner (the css selector).

Then use this information to override the visibility of the cookie banner.

Here is an example that hides some common cookie banner.s

#onetrust-consent-sdk {
 display: none !important;

.qc-cmp2-container {
   display: none !important;

To learn about CSS Selectors, we recommend this article.

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