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Using ms_delay

Learn how to adjust the delay time in your image rendering

How it works

The ms_delay parameter can be used to increase the time that the API waits for the page to render before generating the screenshot.

This is useful for pages that load a lot of assets such as JavaScript, or in general are slow to load.

By default the API will wait 500 milliseconds for each external asset to load before triggering the screenshot. If assets are taking longer than 500 milliseconds, the API will stop waiting for them.

If you are having issues with white or blank images, we recommend adjusting this parameter first to see if it helps. Start with a fairly low value, such as 1500.

Image credits and billing

The maximum value for ms_delay is 20 seconds (20,000ms). Usage above 5000 will use an additional image render credit for every 5000ms above. For example, using ms_delay of 10000ms on an image will count as 2 images towards your monthly quota. 15000ms will use 3 image credits.

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