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Convert an Instagram post into an image

Learn how to use the API to generate an image from an Instagram post.

How it works

To generate a screenshot of an Instagram post, you can make use of the Instagram embed API.

Generate a screenshot of an instagram post

You can generate this code yourself by viewing an Instagram post in a web browser. Clicking the top right hamburger menu, and then “Embed”.

Example code

Copy this example, and swap out the href to create an image of any post you’d like.

Create a screenshot of an instagram post


<blockquote style = 'width:600px;' class='instagram-media' data-instgrm-version='14'>

<!-- replace this href with the link to the post -->
<a href='' ></a>

<script src="//"></script>

Important: set these parameters when creating the image.

  • selector: .instagram-media-rendered
  • ms_delay: 1750

Try it yourself

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